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Sherman Hill - "Heavy Metal" session

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#1 richard_spitzer


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Inviato 22 agosto 2013 - 08:45


it's a very nice session, I like many passing freight trains I can see during my "job". But I have two notices for this session:

1. Messages are displaying for very short time. I'm not so quick in reading english so message (especially long messages with coupling/uncoupling instructions in Puma Steel) disappears until I can read it all :-). Maybe only "P" key for pause will help.

2. After finishing my job at Puma Steel, I stopped at CHY 19 junction on red light. Waited more than 10 minutes and nothing's happened (I had the same problem in older session "The Ballast Turn" when I wanted to pull out from the siding). I looked up into the editor and it seems there is a trigger "Return" which could set CHY 19 juction left and that probably will change red to green. But that all is probably depended on train consist. When I check train consist command settings, I see the cars in opposite then they are really placed in editor. For exampe - empty cars train would have two boxcars (red and yellow) at the end, but you can see in editor train chain in Puma Steel track #2 starts with those two boxcars and ends with bulkheads. The same is with gondolas (track #1) - the number of CSX gondola which have to be connected with UP SW1500 (as car #1) is actually at the end of chain (at the bumper). Couldn't it be the problem? Of cours, I can set CHY 19 myself, but I'm not sure if it will help.

#2 UP844


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Inviato 22 agosto 2013 - 09:42

Hello Richard,

thanks for your kind words about the session.

As regard to the issues you reported:

1) Messages

I received no complaints from the betatesters (all of them Italian :D) about the duration of messages. On the other hand, all of them (as well as myself) had run the session many times: after a while we perfectly knew what we had to do, so we may have overlooked this possible issue.

Messages are displayed by means of "Time Limited Display HTML" as it is very handy and does not require player action. I acknowledge, however, that the instructions you receive when you arrive at Puma Steel would be better managed using another rule. I'll take note for the upgraded "Heavy Metal Job v2.1", which shall run on the "Sherman Hill v2.1".

2. Return trip (CHY 19 and other issues)

At Puma Steel, you should deliver:
- the 2 coil cars and the 4 gondolas on track 2 (the one closer to the BNSF line to Denver)
- the 5 bulkhead flatcars loaded with steel I-beams on track 1 (the one closer to the factory itself)
The session checks for the presence of two consists, made by the above listed cars at the right track: when you make a delivery, a message will appear. If you deliver the cars as two consists (e.g. 2 coil cars and 4 gondolas), the delivery is NOT considered complete, so you cannot progress further in the session.

The order of the departing empties is ininfluent. The session only checks the presence of a consist comprising the SW1500 and the empties (in any order).

I usually arrive on the balloon track, then I decouple the locomotive. Afterwards, I collect all the empties, then I back up and couple the loads. Then I deliver the two consists on the industry track.

The CHY19 switch will line (after a short wait) to provide a path to the yard when:
a) the train made of the switcher and the empties stops on the "Return" trackmark
b you have delivered the loads as required (5 bulkheads on track 1, 2 coil cars + 4 gondolas on track 2)

In fact, you will pass over the "Return" TM many times as you make your switching moves, but CHY 19 will not change its status.


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#3 richard_spitzer


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Inviato 23 agosto 2013 - 07:53

You're right in point 1 that after several using this session you don't need any instructions, because you remember what to do. :cool:

As point 2 - I think I didn't exactly as you wrote but I will try it again.

#4 richard_spitzer


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Inviato 23 agosto 2013 - 07:56

I know it's off topic, but can I ask for more? I had problems with red light in The Ballast Turn session. I tried to change "map-kuid" to use this session on Sherman Hill v2.1 and it works, I can leave Cheyenne station and go to Granite. But there hoppers loading does't work. I stopped my train exactly on marked place and nothing's happened... Hopper are not loaded at all...

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