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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the new home of TrainZItalia PRO!

We transferred the whole old forum on this new platform as the old one was no more reliable, even if we managed to patch it after the crash occurred in late April. We have also provided to a complete graphical renewal, which shall be extented to all the TrainZItalia assets.

There are no changes as regards to login details: your username and your password remain the same you used in the old forum.

The first time you log in, you must clicl on "Sign In", in the top right corner of the screen.

The only items we were unable to transfer are the avatars and signature images, unless they were linked from an external hosting space. In order to restore your avatar, you must save the image from the old forum and to reload it there from your user panel.

The old forum shall remain open for some time, primarily to provide access to the download areas. The old forum shall be accessible in read-only mode (this is a precaution, in case some element has not been properly transferred).

Currently, the new forum has the same structure of the previous one. In the near future, forum categories shall be re-organised, removing the useless ones and consolidating others dealing with the same topics.

The Free-Classics download area shall be removed. All the assets in this area shall be re-released in the Free Area, after being updated to current standards.

All the assets shall be updated to trainz-build 3.3: this should ensure compatibility with TS2010 and later versions and also - hopefully - with T:ANE. The only exception to this standard shall be the new assets created using recent techniques that cannot be used in previous versions (e.g. attached-splines).

The TrainZItalia Staff
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